Knowledge Yielding Ontologies
for Transition-based Organization
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KYOTO Forum Help

Here is a brief tutorial on how to use KYOTO Forum (Forum main page).
The KYOTO Forum is the official public discussion board of the KYOTO Project.
The KYOTO Forum is composed by two global groups of discussion:
Each specific discussion on the KYOTO Forum is referred to as a thread. Each thread must is contextualized and thus placed into one of the two sections of the Environmentalists Forum and the Engineers Forum groups of discussion. Each thread is composed by a introductory text that describes the topic that should be discussed, followed by one or more replies of KYOTO Forum users, referred to as posts.
Users can access to the KYOTO Forum as non-authenticated ones (Guests) or, after providing their username and password, as authenticated users. Only authenticated users can open new threads in the KYOTO Forum or send a post to reply to a particular thread. If you are not registered to the Forum click on Register on the Forum main page (or click here to register). 
Non-authenticated users can only browse all the threads of the KYOTO Forum.
Each user, after providing his username and password and thus after his authentication, can also:
  • manage personal profile:
    • clicking on 'My profile' on the KYOTO Forum top menu' users can access to their personal data area
      KYOTO Forum top menu'
    • once accessed the personal data area:
      • from the 'Personal Info' menu' on the left, users can visualize their personal data (Summary), edit their personal info (_EDIT_TITLE) or manage their avatars (My Avatar)

      • from the 'Forum Settings' menu' users can personalize their KYOTO Forum layout (Look and Layout), define additional profile info (My Profile Info), visualize their list of posts (My Posts), visualize the list of threads they are subscribed to (My Subscribes) and the list of their favorite threads (My Favorites).
        KYOTO Forum personal user menu'
  • create a new thread:
    • once accessed to a particular section of the Forum, click on the green button 'New thread'
      KYOTO Forum new thread
    • the user, through a specific form, can specify the title and a descriptive text of the particular topic of the new thread, eventually attaching images or files. Then he can submit all these data.
      KYOTO Forum new thread form
    • The new thread will be set up and all the other authenticated users will be able to add their posts to it. Authenticated users can also delete a particular thread that is no more important for discussion.
  • reply to a particular thread:
    • once accessed the specific thread page, user can reply posting some data, clicking on the green button 'Reply topic'
      KYOTO Forum reply topic
    • through a specific form, they must type their reply to the thread, specifying also the title of the post. Then they can submit all data.
      KYOTO Forum reply topic form
    • These data will be shown as message at the end of the specific thread page. Users can also delete or modify their posts.

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