Knowledge Yielding Ontologies
for Transition-based Organization
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Wikyoto Term Editor

Click here to access the updated description of the new feature-rich version of the Term Editor, referred to as Wikyoto Knowledge Editor - this page describes the old version of the tool


The Term Editor is the place where domain experts and knowledge engineers can collaboratively browse, refine and enrich the linguistic and semantic resources of Multilingual Knowledge System. In particular it allows KYOTO concept users to extend the collection of WordNets of different languages, constituting the semantic resources exploited by KYOTO, with the concepts of the environmental world.

"The richer WordNets are, the more effective and deeper KYOTO semantic analysis of data can be"

WordNet enrichment process is supported by the possibility to browse and refine hierarchies of relevant terms extracted by KYOTO term yielding robots, also referred to as Tybots. They are term mining software that extract domain terms from web pages, organizing them in a hierarchical structure. The Term Editor allows KYOTO users to browse these Term hierarchies and transform some of these terms into new synsets (WordNet concepts) that will increase the domain coverage of WordNets.


Term Editor Prototype

The Term Editor has been developed by Institute of Informatics and Telematics as a web based application exploiting the current Web 2.0 technologies.

This software interacts with two databases: the Term database, currently hosted at CNR-IIT (Italy) and with the Multilingual Knowledge Base, hosting all the WordNets and the ontology, located located in VUA (Netherland).

Before accessing to the Term Editor prototype, we suggest to watch the introductory video tutorial or have a look at the user's guide and at the presentation.


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