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D6.4 Automatic Deduction and Inferencing (1 viewing) (1) Guests
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TOPIC: D6.4 Automatic Deduction and Inferencing
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D6.4 Automatic Deduction and Inferencing 2 Years ago Karma: 3&nbsp&nbsp
D6.4 Automatic deduction and inferencing techniques (software) is due on August 31.

What are we supposed to do for this?

We need to have a detailed discussion with the whole group regarding how much inferencing to do and what kind of inferencing needs to be done.

There are three parts to this issue.

1. What are the kybots doing? What do they need? What kinds of conditions, constraints?

2. What kind of facts are we producing? This may require producing another system (or Kybots _layer_-2) that combines information and verifies it (prior to reasoning with it? For instance, do not want to reason with inconsistent facts.)

3. The ontology itself
a. Can we somehow define how inferencing is done on the ontology in a generic way? E.g., Transitivity is a kind of mechanism, but do the properties inherited along subclass differ from the properties inherited along part_of?
b. In terms of the gear wheel model, where will various bits of information, i.e., axioms, instances of relations, etc, be stored and or swapped? Where are the rules of inference and general axioms stored?

Proposal: we define a simple inference engine that takes as input:
i. configuration file that defines per relation:
1. relation _meta_ properties such as transitivity
2. what properties are inherited through transitivity
ii. an ontology

For example, subclass and part are transitive Sumo relations, subclass inherits all properties, part only inherits functions or roles. If you then use SUMO for Kybots, the engine will apply inferencing to the KAF patterns to validate semantic constraints. If you want to use DOLCE or the KYOTO ontology, you need to define the _meta_ properties of relations and the engine should be able to do the same with this ontology to the same KAF.

We need to investigate the available inferencing engines and see if we need to build our own (simpler but more efficient and generic). Posting references for such an investigation is a welcome contribution!
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