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Evaluation - Evaluation of Modules

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Evaluation of modules

Module evaluations have been carried out for Word-Sense-Disambiguation and Named-Entity-Recognition. These are the most important modules that connect text to concepts.

  1. Word-Sense-Disambiguation (WSD): the results of this have been described in the SemEval2010 workshop that was organized by KYOTO:
  2. Named-Entity-Recognition: the results of this have been described in the KYOTO deliverable D09.2.
The domain-based approach to WSD in KYOTO scored on the 4th place of the Knowledge-Based systems for English, with a precision of 0.481 and a recall of 0.481. The system was not optimized for the task. We also applied the KYOTO-WSD to Chinese (0.322 precision, 0.296 recall) , Dutch (0.526 precision, 0,526 recall) and Italian (0.529 precision, 0.529 recall).

Named-entity recognition (NER) has been developed for dates and places. Dates and places are necessary to turn event-relations into facts with a time and place. The NER module detects 85.3% of the locations and 92.5% of the dates. 95.5% of the dates are correctly interpreted; of the locations, 89.1% are disambiguated to the correct country and 42.0% to the correct feature type.


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