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Fact graph browser


Stand-alone Java application that reads the output of the Kybots and displays the data in a TouchGraph browser for navigation.

Owner: VU University Amsterdam

License: GPLv3


Source code:

External resources:

The Fact browser uses the TouchGraph library to display and navigate through the data. TouchGraph is available through the Apache Software License and can be downloaded from:

To run the program you can use the include .bat file (Windows) or .sh file (Linux/Unix). From command line call it as follows:

java -Xmx812m -cp ./lib/KyotoFactBrowser-1.0-jar-with-dependencies.jar eu.kyotoproject.factgraph.GLFactPanel

When you launch the program you get an emtpy blue screen. The large blue area is where the facts will be displayed. To see facts, load the output file generated by the Kybots. This can be done with the load-file button at the bottom of the screen. Note that Kybot output files are very large. Too large files may crash the program or take very long to load. The distribution includes a sample file "climate_change.xml" that can be loaded as an example. It contains the facts extracted from a single sentence. The results look as in the following screen dump.

You can use the scroll-bars to move through the graph and check different areas. Use the zoom, hyperbolic and rotate tick boxes to change the behaviour of the scroll-bar. You can search for particular terms or use the drop-down menu at the right bottom side to select a fact-element from a list. The list is sorted by relevance defined by the number of facts associated with a word. Using the level drop-down menu, you can speciy how deep the facts should expand. Using the confidence drop-down menu you can set a threshold for the confidence of the elements of a fact.


Extracted facts displayed in graph tools



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