Knowledge Yielding Ontologies
for Transition-based Organization
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D 10.2 KYOTO Integrated System (extra deliverable)

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This is an extra deliverable that describes the integrated system of KYOTO platform.

In this deliverable, we provide further details on KyotoCore as the integrated system for applying text mining.

For more information on WikyPlanet and Wikyoto, please consult the KYOTO deliverables D10.1, D07.4b and D07.5b. The semantic search applications is described in the deliverables D09.2, D09.5 and D09.6 (the deliverables can be downloaded from the public website: In the 2nd section, we will describe the software architecture of KyotoCore in more detail and the process flows. In the further sections we describe each module. Finally, we describe a use case where we applied to complete process to a an English database on estuaries.


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