Knowledge Yielding Ontologies
for Transition-based Organization
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Kybots are computer programs that use the mined concepts and the generic concepts already connected to the language wordnets and the KYOTO ontology to detect actual concept instances and relations in text (i.e. tropical species decreased by 15% last year). Kybots operate on KAF files. They use profiles that define patterns in KAF. If there is a match, they generate an output structure that can be added to the KAF file or outputted separately. The profiles consist of a list of variables, relations between the variables and an output structure.


To do this it uses Kybot profiles that define the elements 


Download and installation

The Kybot software, called 'mining module', can be downloaded from the KYOTO subversion repository by following this link:

It has the instruction for installation and usage.


Example of usage

Follow the link above to see usage examples





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