Knowledge Yielding Ontologies
for Transition-based Organization
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The Baseline Search

Baseline text search system for environmental information


ECNC and WWF compiled a set of source documents and websites in English, Dutch, Spanish and Italian for indexing and text mining. The documents and websites have been selected for a number of themes:
  • Business & Biodiversity
  • State of Nature
  • Nature and Society
  • Ecological networks
  • Nature and Poverty
  • Biodiversity State of Nature
  • Ecosystem Services
The sources have been divided into separate databases per language. For each database, we create a baseline text search index and interface. You can search in these databases for information (see below).


User scenarios

We created a search interface that simulates user-scenarios based on a survey carried out by ECNC and WWF. From this survey it follows that users in the environment domain are looking for rather complex and high-level pieces of information. An example of such a high-level question is: "What are the impact of climate change on biodiversity?". If such a question is entered as a query, no usefull answer can be expected because computers cannot draw such conclusions.

The search interface is therefore created in such a way that you can still specify a high-level and complex question that you are targeted at but in the search box, you can enter queries in the normal way. You can then look at the search results to find information to answer the question. For each search result (which are pages from PDFs or websites), you can indicate if it is useful or not. When you found the relevant information or want to stop at any point, you can fill in the answer that you have found to the high-level question. Likewise, we can thus measure how effective the search is in finding information that helps answering the question. All the user actions are logged and will be used to study the behavior of the system. To be able to group sessions per user, you are requested to fill in a user name but you can use any fake name you like, as long as you use the same name throughout.



The online databases with the baseline search interface


  1. 133 websites
  2. 2540 PDF documents
  3. 185 Word document
  4. 15 single HTML web pages


  1. 173 Websites
  2. 2393 PDF documents
  3. 5 Word documents
  4. 5 single HTML web pages


  1. 73 Websites
  2. 11201 PDF documents
  3. 59 Word documents


  1. 26 Websites
  2. 693 PDF documents
  3. 0 Word documents


  1. 759 webpages
  2. 58 PDF documents

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