Knowledge Yielding Ontologies
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Evaluation - Evaluation of facts

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Evaluation of facts:

We developed a complete package to evaluate the output of the event/fact mining by the Kybots.We defined a neutral triplet representation for representing the facts, which consists of:

  1. a relation
  2. a list of word token identifiers that represent the event
  3. a list of word token identifiers that represent the participant
If a fact has more than one participant, it is broken down into separate triplets. We created a gold-standard and defined a baseline. We experimented with various settings. The details are described in D5.4. With the best settings, we obtain a precision of 50% and a recall of 40%. We recover 100% of the events with a precision of 29%.

The evaluation data and software can be downloaded from the following URL: (12 MB)

We also carried out an open competition evaluation in combination with the 2nd KYOTO workshop for which we created a different gold-standard. Two other groups participated. The details can be found on the workshop-event page.





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