Advanced Information Systems for sharing information and Knowledge about the Environment
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Event extraction task
Invited speakers

General information

Before the workshop there will be an excursion to Shirakawa and Takayama so that we get to know each other (January 25). The workshop itself spans three days. For Day 1 (January 26), we will invite major players in information and knowledge disclosure to present their solutions for the environment case. How can they help the environment through information management? We will have discussion panels about the presented cases to collect direct feedback from technology developers and from environmentalists as potential users.
The second day of the workshop (January 27) will be devoted to a more technical discussion on the different aspects of the information and knowledge management. It is divided into text mining, concept mining, standards and wiki-systems and their potential for the future.
The third day (January 28) will focus on local research in Japan related to knowledge mining and the environment.

Preliminary program

First day: Tuesday, January, 25th, 2011
09:15Excursion to Shirakawa and Takayama for all participants

Second day: Wednesday, January, 26th, 2011
09:30Welcome and opening
09:45Morining session opening
Session chair : German Rigau
09:45Introduction to the KYOTO project: where do we stand
> Slides
Presented by : Piek Vossen
10:15Invited speaker talk : Humber Estuary UK: knowledge needs for environment professionals
> Slides
Speaker : Bernard Fleming
11:15Invited speaker talk : Exploring Semantic Technologies in Search
> Slides
Speaker : Jordi Atserias and Michael Matthews, Yahoo
12:15Kyoto Semantic Search and user evaluation
> Slides
Presented by : Piek Vossen
14:30Afternoon session opening
Session chair : Lawrence Jones-Walters
14:30Invited speaker talk : Search and You Shall Find - and Teach Us All
> Slides
Speaker : Marius Pasca, Google
15:45Invited speaker talk : Monitoring and analysing multilingual media reports to support users in their daily work
> Slides
Speaker : Ralf Steinberger, European Commission - Joint Research Centre
16:45Invited speaker talk : The Atlantic Coastal Action Program: Addressing complex environmental issues through the integrated application of knowledge management, results management and stakeholder engagement
> Slides
Speaker : Jim Ellsworth, environmental expert

Third day: Thursday, January, 27th, 2011
09:30Morining session opening
Session chair : Carlo Aliprandi
09:30Event mining task - Explanation of the task and the results
> Slides
Presented by : Piek Vossen
10:00Mining events and facts in KYOTO
> Slides
Presented by : German Rigau and Aitor Soroa
11:15Extracting events using WordNet and Intrinsic Property: Result of Second KYOTO Workshop
Presented by : DongHyun Choi and Eun-Kyung Kim and Key-Sun Choi
11:45Task discussion
12:00Detecting Sub-events in Environmental Disaster using Plurks
> Slides
Presented by : Qian-Rong Zhang, Mei-Yu Chen, Li-Chuan Ku, Jiafei Hong, Jessie Lo and Shu-Kai Hsieh
12:30Automatic Term Extraction from Russian Texts on Environmental Changes in Black Sea and Baikal Lake Areas
Presented by : Irina Azarova and Stanislav Gordee
14:00Afternoon session opening
Session chair : Piek Vossen
14:00Wikyoto: Building multilingual domain WordNets in a wiki way
> Slides
Presented by : Andrea Marchetti
15:00The future of KYOTO
> Slides
Presented by : Nicoletta Calzolari
16:00Invited speaker talk : The KYOTO project: user group experiences, learning points, present and future perspectives
> Slides
Speaker : Lawrence Jones-Walters, ECNC environmental expert
16:30 Invited Panel Debate
Moderated by : Lawrence Jones- Walters

Fourth day: Friday, January, 28th, 2011
09:30Morining session opening
Session chair : Hitoshi Isahara, Toyohashi University of Technology
09:30Invited speaker talk : Cross-lingual Word Sense Disambiguation using WordNet
Speaker : Francis Bond
10:10Invited speaker talk : Toward establishment of environmental discourse in Japan - Sharing high level knowledge of climate-energy field
Speaker : Tetsunari Iida, Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies
11:05Invited speaker talk : EU-Japan Science and Technology Partnerships - FP7 and J-BILAT project
Speaker : Toshiyasu Ichioka, EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation
11:45Organizing and linking information by Topic Maps
Speaker : Motomu Naito, Knowledge Synergy: Subject-centric computing
13:15Afternoon session 1 opening
Session chair : Francis Bond
13:15Asian WordNet Web Service and the Collaborative Platform
Speaker : Virach Sornlertlamvanich, NECTEC
13:45Digitized Thailand for Creative Digital Readiness
Speaker : Thatsanee Charoenporn, NECTEC
14:15Natural Language Processing in Hospitals
Speaker : Eiji Aramaki, University of Tokyo
15:00Afternoon session 2 opening
Session chair : Kyoko Kanzaki
15:00Development of newspaper-style summarization system for information retrieval
Speaker : Satoshi Tamura, Hideki Sekiya, Sho Sobue, Yusuke Asakura, Satoru Hayamizu, Gifu University
15:30Should ontologies be language independent or dependent? - Terminologists' approach towards conceptual and precise translations
Speaker : Fumiko Kano Gluckstad, Copenhagen Business School
16:00Invited speaker talk : be announced
Speaker : Makoto Nagao, National Diet Library of Japan